Welcome to the Retinal Imaging Biomarkers & Endpoints Summit

Ophthalmic drug developers required faster, more objective ways of measuring disease progression and improvement to determine drug efficacy. With a desperate need for advanced phenotypic characterization and quantitative imaging-based endpoints, this comprehensive agenda addressed the field’s most pressing challenges to accelerate FDA approval and shorten drug development timelines.

This meeting united a select group of leading industry-based imaging scientists and ophthalmologists, with expertise spanning all modalities and retinal indications.

Delegates connected with peers across discovery, preclinical, translational and clinical ophthalmic drug development to engage in forward-thinking discussions and define next steps for advancing imaging measures of disease activity to determine drug efficacy sooner.

What You Missed in 2023:

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Uncovering the revolutionary capabilities of AI to rapidly screen retinal disorder progression and activity with GenentechJanssen

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Deciphering the regulatory landscape with Novartis, REGENXBIO & Aviceda Therapeutics to develop image-derived endpoints that meet validation standards

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Optimizing the use of different imaging modalities to develop accurate measures of retinal pathophysiology & drug efficacy with insights from Apellis, OcuTerra, Boehringer Ingelheim & more

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Exploring innovative approaches to enhance retinal image resolution & accuracy with AbbVie & Genentech

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Overcoming the translational challenges of imaging retinal tissue anatomy in rodent & small animal models with Merck & Abeona Therapeutics to streamline the advancement of preclinical research into the clinic

In 2023, We Heard From:

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“I am excited to hear and share novel ideas of retinal imaging in the Retinal Imaging Biomarkers & Endpoints Summit 2023.”
Kamal Dhakal, Scientist Eye-Care, AbbVie