Artificial Intelligence in Retinal Imaging: Developing Algorithms for Improved Data Analysis & Diagnosis of Retinal Diseases

Time: 8:10 am
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day


With the improvement in current imaging technology and the development of novel modalities, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have been increasingly explored and implemented. AI algorithms have allowed data analysis to be more streamlined and accurate for improved workflow in clinical trials.

This workshop will:

  • Discuss how AI can be introduced in clinical trials and provide suggested diagnosis for better patient stratification
  • Discovering how to train AI to understand the differences between normal and pathological retina and understand disease prognosis and response to treatment
  • Examine the engineering challenges when developing and training AI algorithms to match the needs of AI image analysis in the clinic
  • Understand how AI will provide precision analysis that improves workflow for faster visualization and quantification of disease activity and therapeutic successes
  • Establish how AI can improve workflow and reduce burden from skilled clinicians and ophthalmologists when labelling data sets